Java vs Kotlin, Is It a Dilemma for Android Developers?

Which one will you choose, learn Java or Kotlin? Many programmers who want to jump into Android developers are in a dilemma because of the questions between the two options.

Google has stated that Kotlin is the official language for Android IO development in 2017. To choose between the two programming languages then the key is you must know your current position. Are you currently a newbie who wants to learn Android development or have you been a Java developer before and want to get into a bright Android market share?

Java vs Kotlin


Why do Beginner Android Programmers Have to Learn Java first?

Let’s say you are currently a beginner in the Android development world and you are advised to learn Java first, what comes to mind? “It’s like a nightmare!. Because Kotlin has become the official language of Android, very productive, and the boilerplate code is very minimal. “Oh man, this advice sounds really bad!”.

As a beginner, the first thing you need to consider is that Java has more job opportunities. Java has a solid and very large community in the world. And you will be part of it. The Java programming language has also become an established language and has been refined over time. You may start your career history as a programmer for the development of Android developers, but that is not everything.

The second consideration is with the support of a great programmer community, you can ask anything about Java to them. Especially when you have trouble when you face technical problems as a beginner and you do not know what to do next. Try typing your problem in Google search related to Java and you will find the answer. However, for a new language like Kotlin, this can be a difficult thing.

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Kotlin doesn’t currently have a lot of external sources of knowledge out there, especially the free ones, which you can make reference to, and in addition, if you are only a beginner. Meanwhile, for Java, there are many books, and courses, whether paid or free to learn about Android development with it.

Indeed, as more and more programmers start using Kotlin then many other things will get better. However, whether it can instantly rival the popularity and adopt the Java language? This is the reason why the newbie should learn Java first before Kotlin as an android developer.

But, this rule is not something absolute. It doesn’t matter if you as a beginner to start learning from Kotlin because you feel you will be more productive and you are very focused on developing Android as your choice. The recommended place to start is in Android Kotlin Development Master Class. However, actually when you are familiar with Java, learning Kotlin will be much easier.

Why Java Programmer Should Learn Kotlin?

JetBrains as the company of one of Java IDE’s top IntelliJ IDEA has developed Kotlin. You can use your preferred Java library and framework on Kotlin, while Java users can also use Kotlin framework for development. This is all because Kotlin generates Java bytecode. It can be said that Kotlin is fully interoperable with Java. Spring 5 as one of the Java framework has also supported Kotlin.Java programmers who want to learn android development will be better if studying Kotlin as it will increase productivity quickly. You can compare when the Java program code requires dozens of lines then Kotlin requires only a few lines even sometimes can only one line. Kotlin can avoid boiler-plate code that must be declared specifically on Java such as toString (), get method, set method, and so on.

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If you want to start learning Kotlin in 2108 then you can start from Kotlin online course for Java developer and also you can start learning from Kotlin in Action book.


As a real newbie, you should start with a Java programming language for a career in Android development. The advantage is that you will get full support from the Java community that will help you a lot. Thus, you will also be easier when studying Kotlin in the future.

In the meantime, if you are currently a Java developer, you should start to learn Kotlin to improve productivity and time efficiency. You can also have a pretty good advantage in the job market out there.

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